Naskapi Painted Frock Hunting Leather Coat

Product Description

This is a museum quality work of art. It debuted this year at the Western Design Conference in Jackson, WY where it won Honorable Mention in the "Art To Wear" category. It was also exhibited at Style West in Cody, WY and is featured at Contemporary Western Design, and Contemporary Maker's websites.

Patterned after the hunting coats of the Naskapi, Montagnais and Eastern Cree Indians who inhabited the Quebec and Ontario region of Canada, this coat is historically correct in its creation from the brain tanned hides to the 7500 hand sewn real elk sinew stitches that are 2mm apart. It has a beautiful modern cut to the supple leather that is painted in traditional earth pigments mixed with egg whites, something that took 600 hours to accomplish with toothpicks and sharpened sticks.

This coat is not a replica, but rather a modern interpretation using authentic methods and materials. Only 150 of the original coats remain in existence today in a handful of museums and private collections. They represent the peak of the artistic, religious and cultural tradition of these Indians between the early 1700's through the late 1800's.

This coat has sold to a collector. However if you would like something similar feel free to contact me for a custom order.

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