Traditionally Tanned Bison Reversible Vest

This reversible fur Bison brain tanned leather vest is tanned 100% natural using the same methods that the Native Americans used for thousands of years. Hand tanned Bison fur has its own rich character unlike any other furs. It is thick, yet soft and very durable. It sheds water and if it gets wet, just shake it out and let it dry. It will be just as soft and supple after it dries. In addition, Bison wool is warmer than any other wool.

Bison robes were used by the Native American's for clothing, bags, and horse gear. This vest is hand stitched with real elk sinew and edged with walnut dyed brain tanned deer leather. It closes on both sides with three large deer antler crown buttons.

Hand tanned buffalo is only available today in very limited quantities. This vest can be custom ordered for both men and women. For women, the vest has a waist making the vest more contemporary and flattering in style. The cut for men is more straight. Please provide your measurements for shoulder width, back length, chest, and waist. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Each item may vary from what is pictured depending on the character of the leather.

Check out my blog at Keri DeWitt Designs and Wind River Trading Company Face Book for more information.


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